The Melodian Moderators Association (MMA)

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The Melodian Moderators Association (MMA) Empty The Melodian Moderators Association (MMA)

Post  xiReaper002 on Mon Nov 14, 2011 11:59 pm

Alright, so lately Hungry and Demon has not been around to handle things. Not saying they don't do their jobs but they are pretty busy w/ school, bands, etc. I love this server and it's citizens, so I am here to call for a new order! The Melodian revolution! Not really, but I do call for new moderators, or admins to handle situations. I propose Moderators: xiReaper002, TehTighty, and Taylolthexelol
Admins: No one as we don't need anyone else.
I believe the moderators should have the power to protect, or unprotect land. WorldEdit, ban/kick, whitelisting abilities, that's about it. This hereby is hereby proclaimed: The Melodian Moderators Association (MMA).
Lawsuit in 3.. 2.. 1

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The Melodian Moderators Association (MMA) Empty Why Not me

Post  Zenteer on Tue Nov 15, 2011 9:38 pm

Why not me D: I can...wait nvm I can't handle the server. If It was left in my hands....Jeff's skyscrapper would be on fire, my tower would be diamond plated, and the world attacked by ghast.

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