A list of all usable commands!

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A list of all usable commands! Empty A list of all usable commands!

Post  Onehungrywater on Tue Oct 11, 2011 12:03 am

Alright so here is a huge list of commands and what they do. Smile
/lwc -c private (Use this to lock doors, chests, dispensers, and just about anything else)
/cremove (Use this to remove any protection you've previously placed)
/money (See how much money you have)
/money pay [username] [amount] (Pay another player a set amount of money)
/balance (Same as /pay)
/ignore [username] (Use this to "Mute" another user)
/list (Shows the list of players on the server)
/warp [warpname] (Warp to a set location on the map)
/warp (Shows the names of all the warps)
/spawn (Teleports you to the global spawn point)
/me [yourmessage] (Allows you to emote)
/sethome (Allows you to set your current location as "Home")
/home (Takes you "Home")
/tpa [username] (Request to teleport to another user)
/lottery buy (Purchase a lottery ticket)

More commands may be added later, but for now this is all regular residents have.

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