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Post  jonhan2 on Thu Oct 13, 2011 12:26 pm

hi its me jon (jonhan2) and right now I need some builders and architects to build houses for me Very Happy I havent enough money for a solid salary, so meanwhile I'm arranging builder/architect meetings to discuss the payment for the house. for example: a house which is worth 250 dollars get sold and only one guy built it, he will most likely get 50% max of the value on the house, depending on build quality and cost on materials (although we are at the moment gathering our own materials). so if you want a job please fill out this form!

job application
building style:
what can I expect from you?:
from 0-10 building skills:
any pictures of your latest works?:
if I say that you'll get 10% of a house will you accept this?( keep in mind that we arent funded yet):
anything else?

also we could need some sponsoring from other firms! like a lumberjack for wood, or a blacksmith for tools, you get the point.
we dont expect getting free materials, but we would appreciate to get a lower price. we will pay for much materials at the time so you will get some ca$h. so if you want to sponsor us let us know in the comments!
-jon (and rest of staff:taylol.)


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