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Melodia Description. Nfi0xg

Melodia is a citybuild server that highly encourages Role Playing. Incase you do not know, a citybuild server is a minecraft survival server where players join into a community and then work some sort of job in order to gain income. Melodia will have several cities running on one map in the future, however at the moment we only have one city. Upon entering the server, you will choose which town you would like to become a resident of; warp to that town, buy a plot of land, construct a house, begin a job, and start earning a profit. The success of a citybuild is largely based on how well its community(s) works together. Example, a community of 10 miners and 1 farmer will not have any success in generating a thriving economy. An economy requires a vast variety of jobs, each working to help another.
Some jobs you may want to consider are:
Miner - Pretty self explanitory, mine for materials, sell them to other users
Blacksmith - Purchase materials from others and craft them into armor or tools
Lumberjack - Cut trees down and sell the logs to other users
Farmer - Grow crops and sell them to users
Baker - Purchase materials from other users and craft them into edible items
Hunter - Hunt animals and sell the items dropped to other users
Fisherman - Catch fish and sell them to other users
Real-estate agent - Purchase plots of land or houses and sell them to other users
Architect - Design and build houses for other users
Technician - An expert redstone user designs redstone circuits for other users (Highly profitable)
Now, an example of a good, thriving community would be: Miner digs for stone/iron and sells it to the blacksmith, Blacksmith smelts the iron and creates axes for the lumberjack, Lumberjack cuts down trees and sells logs to the Architect, Architect builds a house and sells it to the Realestate agent, The realestate agent sells this house to the miner. See how much better this community works out when compared to my previous example?
Also, keep in mind, these are not the only jobs available; these are just suggestions.


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