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Post  dudeman9199 on Tue Nov 08, 2011 10:11 pm

Will do your complex redstone projects for money (sometimes trade)
Rates TBA, but basically, the more complex the job, the more expensive
Note: I will not supply the items. You must supply them yourself. I may sell/trade some of my stock to you, but none of it is garunteed to be in stock. Especially Sticky Pistons. And currently, anything in dark red under the complexity list i cannot do lol. haven't figured them out yet.

Complexity in order from least to greatest (so far):
-Opening a single door and have it close behind you (like really... 25 cents)
-logic gates
-activating objects using either of two buttons
-cheap piston doors (not flush with wall)

-activating objects using either of two levers
-activating and deactivating objects using either of two levers
-opening double doors and having them close behind you (believe it or not, this is harder than the rest, imho)

-button/lever activated farms
-other projects requiring precise timing for multiple parts (like drawbridges)
-jeb's piston door (flush with walls) or basically anything that needs synchronized pistons
-regenerating cobblestone bridge (lava and water is a pain in the ass to get right) or anything else with regenerating cobblestone

-anything requiring actual binary (like an alu or something)
-complex binary projects (like a calculator or a word printer)
-massive redstone projects (like large scale conway's game of life)


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